Kimber Hollow

Each year it seems that Kimber Hollow attracts a few more supernatural creatures. And of course, our graveyard has very desirable plots – there’s a wait list a mile long! You wouldn’t believe how impatient and fussy ghosts get while waiting for a vacancy.

Since photographs are the best way to see the supernatural creepies around you – we take a LOT of photos. So here are the latest photos of boogie-men, rougarous, creepy crawlers, ghosts, specters, spirits, bunyips… you get the picture, right?

Don’t miss “The Story of Kimber Hollow” which explains how this oddness began & why it exists in this dimension. That’s also the place to check for the latest news on our residents (such as, the grand opening of Kimber Hollow Apothecary!).

Enough of the chitter-chatter.
Click on the images below for a full-sized peek at Kimber Hollow’s past.

The 2015 Gallery

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The 2014 Gallery

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The 2013 Gallery

The 2012 Gallery

Ghostly regards,
Jami & Mark