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As a Halloween fanatic, I know only too well how difficult it can be to find sites that are the best of the best. Much too frequently the websites returned at the top of a Google search for “Halloween blogs” or “the best home haunts” or “DIY Halloween props” are not helpful, not what you were looking for, or just plain spammy. To ease the pain, I’m sharing some of my all-time favorite Halloween websites.

Dark Rose Manor

Run and created by Pandora and August, Dark Rose Manor is the best home haunt out there. If you are within any amount of driving distance of Aurora, CO, I’d highly suggest making a visit to their haunt a top priority. Each year they have a new theme and each year they make my jaw hit the floor. Don’t miss their videos on YouTube – not only the videos of their haunt, but also their Blog Banale updates about building props, life, and other goodies. My two favorite haunts of theirs are the 2010 The Hollow and the 2011 Arcanum.

Pumpkin Rot

Pumpkin Rot maintains a Halloween blog year round. It is full of dark photographs, eerie music, project tutorials, and interviews. Pumpkin Rot himself is the hero of many a home haunter. You only have to peruse the photos and videos of his previous haunts to see why we idolize him so much.

Blackstone Cemetery

An absolutely incredible haunt located in Brampton Ontario. If you’re not lucky enough to live in Ontario, then I still suggest you visit Hector’s wbeiste since he kindly shares a multitude of detailed props. His Witch’s Kitchen is the one that much of ours at Kimber Hollow.


Scott Stollo is easily one of the most talented papier maché artists. He has a studio in Midland, MI where he holds classes year round. Not only does he offer classes on building his awesome Jack o’ Lanterns but also snowmen, Christmas villages, gargoyles, haunted Halloween villages, and more. If you enjoy DIY’ing and want to learn about paper mache and paper clay, be sure to visit Stolloween website for tutorials, recipes, and photos! Scott’s work was what inspired our Apocalypse Pumpkins.

Haunt Forum

The best, and friendliest, Halloween forum on the web. This forum is where I spend the majority of my online time from July through the beginning of November. There are prop tutorials that rival (and surpass) those from theme parks, ideas, general Halloween-related chatting, lists of Halloween merchandise found at which stores, costume and makeup help/ideas, etc. If you’re on a budget (aren’t we all?), then you don’t want to miss their $20 Prop Challenge!

My Ghoul Friday

Not only does she share tutorials for some incredible props, but she also creates & sells some truly amazing little critters (I can’t wait to buy one of her cute Plague Doctors or Eyeball Plants!!).

Dead with Dave Talk Show

Delivered as weekly episodes that you can watch and/or listen to. True Halloween fiends and/or Haunters, subscribe now and thank me later.

Trick ‘r Treat the movie

This is widely acknowledged as the best Halloween movie. Ever. Yes, it’s that good. The movie revolves around four stories that weave together to tell the story of Halloween and what happens if you don’t follow the “4 Rules of Halloween”. The stars include: Sam, Tahmoh Penikett (from BSG & Supernatural), Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, Brian Cox, and Leslie Bibb. Trick r’ Treat was directed and written by Michael Dougherty.  You also don’t want to miss the Trick ‘r Treat short films on YouTube: Rule #1 – Always wear a costume, Rule #2 – Always pass out treats, Rule #3 – Never blow out a Jack o’ Lantern, Rule #4 – Check your candyMaking Friends, Season’s Greetings (the animated short that became the movie!),  The Day After, Father’s Day.

Whether you’re looking for home/yard haunts, professional haunts, events for kids, or information on actual haunted places, you’ll find it here!  This well-organized directory covers the USA and Canada.

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If you’ve know of a website that should be included on this list, please send us a message and we’ll check it out and add it!

Happy hauntings,
Jami & Mark